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    I posted the exact same thing as you when I was 16, I’ll link you up:

    Glo’s response is still apt, we need music to inspire us and motivate us, but it is part of a much bigger picture of “change”. You need a lot more than music, music in itself cannot change much, it can just inspire people to take the actions that will change things.

    Of course we can. Of course, the definition of “perfect” will be ever-changing. However if you look at how far we’ve come in the past 100 years, from slavery to equality, from lynch-mobs to rehabilitation, from a rich-led healthcare system to an NHS, exclusive education to free education… to mention a few. Of course, we have new problems, and whilst most things progress, some things regress, but only for a few years – in the overall picture we are always progressing.

    We have to have optimism. It’s what makes us fight for a better world, and what makes us die happy people.

    inspiring! pints are on me if we ever meet :bounce_g:

    Are we meant to make things better for the future? Are we meant to help others or are we meant to be not just selfish but the full opposite of selfless? Or perhaps we were, can we evolve to make ourselves a tool rather than a weapon to the world?