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    I dont know all the ins and outs of this case, but they pleaded guilty to organising a party which in itself isnt a crime unless it was for profit or a public event and they didnt have a public entertainments license(PEL).

    what is worring is that once again several people were persuaded to plead guilty, then again maybe they planned it to be a public event for all, advertised it as such or did it for profit or with the aim to lure people to sell them booze. I doubt that was the case and if so, if we cant get round the difference between Private and Public events then freeparties are fucked.

    the question is “was this a PUBLIC Party or was it a PRIVATE Party” what evidence did they have to prove it was a Public event and would it of stood up in court, we will never know in this case but we do know that it was enough to convince the accused or they had no confidence in the legal systems justice or they just wanted to get it over and done with.

    A lot is said about partys after the event and sometimes too much before but when there is a legal case very little is said about it before and after, so its very hard to learn from the experince. It would be helpful if someone involved explained what happened in detail and elaborated the procedure and evidence that led up to the trial, what made them plead guilty and any lessons that were learned.