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    globalloon wrote:
    am i right in thinking ‘twice the first time is that track with a violin, beatboxing, saul and just one or two samples dropped in

    i’d forgotten all about Ninja for a few months

    way off topic… opps

    yep, thats the track…absolute quality.

    ninja are easy to forget, somehow, and easy to take for granted…they shouldn’t be, theyre such a vital part of british urban music not getting too gangsta.

    i dont recon this is off topic, coz instead of wallowing in the shame of yet another peice of shite press damaging this music style, we are looking to where our hope for the style should lie.

    i do rate dizzee rascal, although i havent really sat down by myself with his stuff, so i cant say owt about what his real message is…

    was listening to braintax the other day..really took me away to a tripped out realm of rhymes, wicked stuff.