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elretardo87 wrote:
see….wouldnae make it a day up here…god i love scotland

I wouldn’t be so sure… snakes aren’t stupid, and seek out warm places (like cats do – they are both originally animals from tropical countries)

Snake fright in bike shop
A bike mechanic got the shock of his life when he spotted a 3ft-long Californian King Snake in his Edinburgh shop.

Simon Lamond spotted the animal as he sat reading a magazine shortly before closing up shop for the evening.

The snake, which was not poisonous, was taken to Lothian Animal Rescue Centre in Balerno following its discovery on Tuesday night.

Kenny Sharpe, assistant manager at the centre, said: “It probably escaped from a tank in someone’s flat.

“In cases like this snakes crawl out, go under the floorboards and into a neighbouring flat.

“It’s in quite good condition and it’s been well handled. It’s friendly too because I’ve put my hand in and it hasn’t bitten me yet.”

Mr Lamond, 22, said he was worried the snake might be poisonous and he called animal rescuers out to the Biketrax shop.

Alone in shop

He said: “I was just cashing up, finishing work, and I sat down to read a magazine when I spotted it curled up around a set of drawers at the back of the workshop.

“I was surprised to say the least. I was worried and I didn’t want to touch it because it might have been poisonous and I was in the shop on my own.”

Mr Lamond phoned the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and an inspector came to net the creature.

They eventually cornered the snake behind a skirting board and pulled it out with a stick and tucked it into a bag.

Californian king snakes do bite but the pain caused would be less painful than a bee sting. The centre will hand the snake over to someone with specialist knowledge if the owner does not come forward to claim it by Tuesday