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    I took mushrooms and smoked dope LONG before I had even heard of a rave (had my first mushroom trip at age 10, but my mum reckons she ate 1 or 2 when she was pregnant with me!!). I took my first trip at a Spiral Tribe “Festi” in Bala in north wales and continued to take acid in the countryside without techno for ages afterwards.

    When I was about 16ish my mum came allong to a rave and I gave her her first trip for about 20 years – she loved it and now does more hallucinogens than I do!

    I love seeing kids at parties because they seem to have their own rave on sugar at knee height! Responsible parenting is the key.

    My main worry is seeing my parents at parties (I guess resposible parent-sitting is the key here)!

    (Yes, I do come from a hippy family in case you hadn’t worked it out yet!!)

    Kids on drugs is always gonna be a worry whether they are at a rave or not. Kids at raves with their mates is fine, but families at raves is brilliant. However, kids going ferral at a rave because their parents are too fucked to parent them is a dangerous combination.