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    @korno 528391 wrote:

    I would call that goa trance , i enjoy that personally more than psy because there is build ups and build downs where as most psytrance is just one level for the whole tune

    could well be goa. Lots of dance music is so faffing hard to define and put in a genre. The amount of times I have had debates over genres of music people gawd. “If I had a penny eh.

    I even had a genre debate with a copper once at a free party. I was like “IT’S ACID TECHNO” I even gave him a low blow and said “well you wouldn’t know really, you haven’t even taken acid have you” I know that wouldn’t have ment anything but it still won the argument for me. He just said “no I have not” and people were all like Dave what the fuck are you doing.

    I have a pic of him too.