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Whats a manc cat? They are sisters, but one has long hair and the other short! We decided on Tiger and Lynxie as she looks like a lynx cat.
They are just two unwanted cats that we took in from a cat home.

There is a lady in her late 70’s who takes in unwanted cats and she has a massive cat run out the back of her place. She gets no help or funding and does it out of love.But the sides are chicken wire so all the cats need to find homes before it starts snowing. We went to look at one, but left deciding to take the two sisters as we didnt want to split them as they are nearly one years old.

Tiger is still behind the couch but Lynxie has been exploring today. When I got home from work she came and had a cuddle and a scratch round the ears.
Thanks for the suggestions Raj, but I just couldn’t get excited about F words 🙂

Must dash, have heaps more patting and scratching to do!