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    The Ocelot was a favoutie pet and it’s name was Babou. On one occasion Dali took his pet ocelot to a fashionable New York restaurant and tied its lead to a leg of his table prior to ordering. A woman, walking past, stopped and protested at the fact that wild animals were being allowed in. Dali calmly replied that it was only a cat that he’d painted in op-art style. Recognising Dali, the woman became embarrassed and looked closer. “Now I can see it’s a cat,” she said. “At first, I thought it was an ocelot.” :laugh_at:

    a friend of mine had to work on the access control for an ocelot enclosure somewhere outside Alyesbury (a private collection). the cats are classed as dangerous wild animal here (though no worse behaved than a big siamese) they were confined to a smaller cage whilst he was working and glared at him and hissed him throughout.