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    Monday my best friend in the world got a MASSIVE (or at least… big enuff) grant from an arty art Uncle Scrooge Shiny Money Vault foundation sort of thing to rent tools+coolest ever workshop for sculpting (for a full 18 months). Pretty epic. 5 years of trying to squeeze money out of everything with money in it, for a mad dream that everything with money in it has categorically said can’t possibly ever even pay for itself.

    Is it proof not everybody with an annual income of £500,000+ is per definition oozing evil like Ebola victims ooze bodily fluids? I’m thinking it just might be 🙂

    …. Plus, he’s hired me (with, like, monetary compensation & stuffs) to paint it.
    Wait… Is it an atelier if it’s on the ground floor? Or should that go in the Ask Everything thread?

    @WicKLe 508293 wrote:

    There IS a god!!

    Please, please tell me vegans can eat that!