General Lighting

this is not Government policy [yet]; it was a suggestion by Trevor Phillips, the head of the Commission for Racial Equality (which makes it even worse IMO)…i totally agree with you – this is a very bad idea.

Like you said many of the bad things young black males are blamed for affect all races equally. (the “chav” culture as some people call it).

There are lots of lads who think “its not cool to be clever” – who think that its OK to fight, and rob your way through life, and that they can slap girls/women about or leave them to look after the kid(s) 🙁 – I agree lads who show this behaviour need assistance at school – but it should be taught in a “citizenship” class for all races and genders.

As someone who is from an ethnic minority I would say one of the best things about comprehensive school education in Britain (I have experienced both private and comprehensive education) is the multiculturalism introduced in the 1980s. Its not by any means a cure-all for racism; but for many kids school is the first place where they are exposed to people from differerent races and cultures.

No civilised government anywhere in the World should even think of reversing any part of this diversity.

I’d also point out that Trevor Phillips is not just a senior civil servant but was a journalist known for controversial programming and also still has media interests..

A few years ago his production company carried out a human experiment, where for the benefit of TV a young black boy from South London in his teens was put into a private school (the prodco paid his fees in return for the TV rights, and at the time the school’s headteacher was sympathetic).

The lad did fairly well TBH, although I dread to think the pressure he must have been under – but then the sympathetic head was replaced. The new headteacher expelled the boy for a minor offence (posession of an unauthorised mobile phone, and breaking bounds for an illicit drinking session). when he returned to South London, both him and his family received fairly serious threats; some for “selling out”, others for “fucking up the chance he had to do well with his life”. His family have since had to move, and he may still be under Police protection.

I think in this case it is Trevor Phillips who needs to do some extra homework; before he destroys his own career, the aims of an otherwise positive organisation, and the lives of many more – before he starts shouting in class again……