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    hardly fucking surprising TBH

    They pay a few “star talent” (both creatives/managers) stupid amounts of money – then exploit others for fuck all (like most media organisations they use a significant amount of unpaid work experience people)

    also a lot of stuff is outsourced/semi-privatised

    so there is an atmosphere of internal politics, lying, mistrust and hate in there. It makes the worst elements of the free party scene look like paradise. because its a job people like doing everyone competes with each other to keep their work.

    People even sabotage each others projects (although TBH that happens across the entire media industry) – with a company as dysfunctional as that its hardly surprising people cannot keep an eye on the budgets – TBH the same thing was happening to ITV a few years back but because the market “sorted it out” it ended up with the big companies and money men taking total control.

    imagine if crews were funded by tax to do a free party but one group of people decided “right we wil run tings” so they trashed a few others rigs – OK maybe not as blatant as using petrol bombs them but cutting through signal cables, re-routed stuff or removing equipment so speakers were blown on peaks… that sort of thing often happens (on a more subtle scale) within the mainstream media

    I once worked as a broadcast engineer and had some very strange support calls, including a very sheepish engineering manager admitting to me that a rival region had been deliberately tampering with equipment)

    Auntie does try to be a bit more creatives takes more risks which is why they end up spending more – but they do fucking stupid things like commission a programme and pay for it, and then let it sit in archives without being TX’d because of some pointless disagreement.

    Although I think a lot of their stuff is OK its not worth the license fee

    it does need to be sorted out and maybe even to abandon the false pretence of being independent (perhaps make the BBC a non-departmental public body funded by Ofcom)

    but you could still keep Auntie as an outlet for news, information and a training ground for new talent… thats what every other nation does with their public broadcasters and it hasn’t affected them that badly TBH