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    General Lighting;223238 wrote:
    true, but in which case they will have to put up with whatever middle england offers them in the future (especially when peak oil starts to bite and society wants to know who are productive or at least low/zero impact on society and who are “surplus people”) – it will probably be menial factory-style work / national service like back in the 1950s when they could have had it a lot better..

    hopefully society as we know it will have broken down enough by then. but we will still have surplus people. then they will have to realise they will have to pull there fingers out in order to survive, but they wont have the skills like 90% of current society.
    i remember a lass & her fella coming onto a site after a festival and holding a cigarete lighter under 3 large logs trying to light a fire much to everyone on sites amusement. she then asked where the toilets were and was handed a spade. it took her 5 mins to come to suss out what it was for then she just looked like she was in shock…