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General Lighting

    it is indeed halon a rather old one too looking at the body colour (all one colour rather than red + contents colour).

    Used to see them a lot in the IT/telecoms industry, as computers do occasionally catch fire, with small fires, engineers often are expected (within reason!) to try and put out the fire minimise damage to the rest of the kit and/or even recover it once its safe to do so (especially in rooms with servers carrying business critical kit)

    I remember them being banned a few years ago, and being told what nasty stuff it was. Of course if its a big fire you just call nines and GTFO quickly! some server rooms used to have halon dumps but these two are banned (in fact people being gassed in them is a common plot device in the BOFH stories)

    As for the cops, unfortunately they all use these riots as an excuse to fight back against those they disagree with and settle old scores. Unfortunately though I expect the medic will get pulled up for this and get a bollocking, he’ll probably just lose the right to be a medic and stay in the force – and all his copper mates will still defend him…