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    MrAHC wrote:
    police state now….

    same one we had in the 1980s

    this could have been a letter in a anarchist magazine in 1987

    thats the worst part of it, there was some progress and its all been lost

    as much as we hate the current govt when Blair first got in this country actually became a bit more tolerant for the years 1997-2001 – maybe not blair himself but his first lot of MPs had a lot more genuinely liberal people willing to experiment with giving the people a bit more freedom (some may have been mavericks compared to the main Blairites but initially they were given a bit of freedom and power)

    I still remember how squat/party culture was virtually left alone for a fair few years compared to the Thatcho/Major days. OK some things did get closed down when there was a conflict with big business or stuff got out of hand but there were buildings squatted and raves every weekend where I then lived, and similar in the East of England.

    but then the people (particularly Middle England and their ranks swelled by burnt out former party heads) whinged and complained so much about “political correctness” and “giving in to criminals” and “druggies taking over” that its gone back to the dark ages again