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    Ruff Beat Provider wrote:
    Just wondering what risks the rig owners/organises of free put themeselves in!?
    Also can you get in trouble for DJing at a free party you had nothing to do with the organising of?


    1: Losing lots of expensive kit
    2: Asbo
    3: Fine of up to £20,000
    4: Prison sentence of up to 6 months
    5: Losing job, and have life made difficult for getting a job
    6: Pressure from local community if named and shamed in the papers
    7: Stress on personal relationships if things do go wrong
    8: House search

    Yes dj’s can be classed as performers and are also breaching the PEL if no license is in place for the event. They can risk the same as above but it’s less likely. However, it is likely that records may get confiscated.