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    Rationalwiki?? what the hell. I don’t trust some of these articles because anyone can submit a wiki report and seeing as wiki is quite big name i don’t think they’d want ANYONE knowing that they can opt out of certain corporate laws.

    Rationalwiki is an independent website (more so than wikipedia) – ironically the same applies to the blogs the “freemen” put up.

    The cops / Government aren’t going to go to all the trouble of writing entire articles on such sites when they have the power to put people in prison anyway for not paying council tax, or can seize cars / arrest people etc. Ironically “cheating the public revenue” is a common law offence!

    Countries which have “common law” include Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Malaysia and Singapore amongst others, which aren’t the most free nations in the world. It is not a automatic guarantee of freedom and autonomy, especially if they end up with a “strong government and strong leader” or a monarchy.

    If people really could opt out of paying whatever taxes they wanted, even the Tories would pass emergency legislation to change the loophole very quickly.

    Errr won’t there be BNP and racist people in all kinds of groups and movements how is this related? seems just like a stupid reason to try and discredit them.

    This particular group, because it opposes the EU and goes on about the “British Constitution” tends to attract more nationalists by its nature.

    Any group harbouring extremists should be judged, and that includes the music scene.

    Even the rave scene has suffered from attempts to inflitrate it by the hard right with varying degrees of success (the whole split between happy hardcore and drum and bass was in part fuelled by racial tensions), and black Muslim extremists (Nation of Islam) getting a foothold in legal the security industry of London legal dance events. There was a Muslim jungle drum and bass crew from West London once but they were in fact decent moderate blokes who liked to party..

    But racism/extremism isn’t even that clear cut. people change their views over the years,

    I’ve got friends what used to be National Front, I’ve also seen “hippies” cross over to the hard right because they’ve “lost their jobs to immigrants”. Whilst working in a large financial services company in Reading I’ve also had a white guy (politely) say I should take down a Union Flag I had put up by my desk as it was “too nationalist”, despite me pointing out both of us are English!

    The “race/nationalist” issie is just one issue with this “freeman” stuff. the reality is in this country that activism of unelected campaign groups is thwarted by various political and legal means, and certain activists then do turn to extremism. Others only join for the conflict and often turn up at whatever group is currently popular. I’d say exactly the same about the animal rights movement and the environmental movement and many left wing/Green organisations as well as the hard right. I’ve met plenty folk in these who are there for the “wrong” reasons and who end up damaging the causes and putting others in danger through their own selfishness and anger.

    If you really don’t like taxes or regulations in one country, all of us have the freedom to vote for different governments or to move to at least 26 others (and even more if you can pass the immigration laws of non-EU nations)