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    @Tank Girl 454328 wrote:

    Pah!!! we are now thinking of reclassifying Gertie to a different weight in an attempt to sort this, but also have to fit a bed to the frame to reclassify for the bloody DVLA regulations! grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

    TL is back so ask wizard1luv on there as he knows all the regs. they might be a pain but the 90s are long gone – not only are there real environmental issues if they were too lax festival goers would be the least of the problems. Most festivals have been moved out of the South as a reprisal for the damage caused by drugs/K cultue anyway.

    There roads would be full of 17 year old lads from East Europe being made to do 80 hour weeks driving 35 tonners for minimum wage, and the worst of it would be that it would be English companies in London and Essex employing them whilst laying off drivers from our country what simply wanted a living wage.