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    @hat 443751 wrote:

    yeah, they’re both clever girls and they’ve never done anything wrong so i don’t know why they did it. and they’re two of my best friends, i don’t want them to get kicked out 🙁 but she drank half a 500ml bottle of vodka on it’s own and she hasn’t drunk before, was a bit stupid. the called an ambulance and everything, somebody should have just taken her home to lie down for a bit before anyone found out.

    it is fairly normal for “clever” people to rebel from year 11 onwards and also year 12/13 (I think I got it right this time, it was called sixth form when I was there) and even to early University age.

    I know I did and in hindsight I was very fucking lucky not to get sectioned or even banged up for some of the things I did. Thankfully I stopped short of using violence towards others but a lot of lads I know did not, and I didn’t torch the school either (though if I wanted to I could have done a bloody good job of it, back then I was doing the sort of “experiments” that if a British Asian lad tried today he’d be in Paddington Green nick..)

    I expect it is unlikely they will get expelled if they still have potential to do well in exams as and its out of character as it wasn’t illegal drugs and the institutions league table will be affected by removing good students.

    23 years ago when I was getting really stressed about GCSEs etc in one physics lesson I just picked up this chair and slung it across the classroom (not at anyone, just into a bench) and walked straight out of class. I was stone cold sober too, I didn’t even touch drugs or booze then, it was just pure anger.

    The teacher was so shocked she didn’t even do anything – I didn’t even get detention or anything of the sort and I’d fully expected to be up before the Headmaster for it (but it was out of character). That said I also kicked off in Uni a few times, which (as well as hacking computers to get to the Internet) was probably why they nearly did have me arrested in the end and I had to leave.

    Some people, though they may be “clever”, simply cannot handle the pressure situations of being made to learn stuff you aren’t that interested in at the education systems pace and then have to sit exams on it.

    I am one of these people. Its how a lot of otherwise intelligent people end up with criminal records and/or mental health problems at an early age – and if they are unlucky, the consequences of these impulsive acts often stay with them for life. its a harsh situation but unfortunately society is competitive and judgemental and in the UK there are so many kids born in some areas and people start families early that society can afford to throw a few on the the scrapheap each year.