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    i seem to have a serious issue with motivation. ive had a month to do 7 essays.

    i began late today.

    they are due tomorrow at 10.

    i am having a break currently

    because it would be difficult to care less. the only reason im still there and dont have a job is because i want to get my A2 ict so i can get me apprenticeship at BT

    but ive desperately been trying to start doing them, for some misplaced moral value in getting my work done, but, aint happenin.

    however if it was my ict it would be a different story, i could keep doing it till i burn out and pass out dribbling on the keyboard. or my guitar, i could woodshed till i got the rumba sounding just howi wanted

    sorry strayed off at a tangent there

    reggae time