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    @harr!et 422806 wrote:

    GAAAH! SO MAD! they just cancelled out trafalgar square to redhill walk. because apparently, lambeth police have told us it’s unsafe as they’ve had extra police out in the last few nights to deal with gang violence.. and we’re not even walking through fucking lambeth! D: shouldn’t police be concerned with more pressing issues than ruining our charity walk?

    I’m a bit confused as I’m originally from South London (born in Lewisham and grew up in Catford and New Cross) and yes, you wouldn’t normally walk through Lambeth to get to Redhill.

    However the metpol divisional boundaries have all changed and “Lambeth” cops probably do cover a much wider area than when I used to live there.

    I think what cops are doing though is stuff like this as a barganing method against budget cuts – by cancelling “nice middle class” activities they make people angry in the hope they will say to Boris Johnson “spend more money on policing” or (even more wishful thinking) they will miraculously grass on anyone they think are “gangsters”..