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General Lighting

@extraslim 421210 wrote:

ouch sorry to hear that mate glad you and the bike are not too badly damanged. Will it cost you much to fix?

actually it now looks like I might be able to salvage the rear light, thanks to the lad rescuing the lens (should I meet him again I will certainly buy him a beer). I thought the pillars to the lens mountings had sheared off and the electronics were drowned but they seem to have started working again, and the lens mount may be OK raaa

At least this is the second of my two e-bikes, the slower and less powerful one which I tend to use at night/going to the pub (I bought it a few years ago when I was stillsceptical of the concept of them) so I can still ride to work and back on my better one and not risk a stop check or even a £35 traffic ticket for having no rear light (the cops do actually do this round here now and then, especially out in the sticks but TBH I can’t blame them as its unsafe when there are no street lights!)