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    The thing about myspace was you had almost total freedom over your space and you could do advanced layout, it was fun to play with and try get it right, or just make it simple. now they have taken that away, now its just simple and bad and that is their death course. 500 in (europe alone) staffs was sacked last week and as understand it is almost dead already, [/quote]

    yep I agree and thats exactly what I’ve seen as well, all my friends who are DJ’s/musicians have abandoned it, they are either on facebook or their own websites!

    loads of “free” places to host stuff have closed down recently since the economic depression. I’ve been using the net since the start in the 1990s and could start a whole thread about the economics of it but the reality is all the “free” stuff will go away now the big investors are angry, especially as many people block online ads and others ignore their sales messages.

    I don’t even think its that bad a thing, even though I like computers and technology it is better we use the internet just for basic communication or for keeping in touch with people across hundreds of kilometres, but instead spend more time actually socialising with one another, and/or doing real stuff in groups in our local areas?