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    @1984 389213 wrote:

    I think it just needs oiling and adjustment but I am unsure. Sometimes when you put a lot of force on the peddle the chain seems to slip off the grear and I nearly hit a tree. Its not all the time and its not because I am trying to change gear or anything? any ideas?

    Unfortunately it sounds a lot like the chain is worn. You can check this with a old style imperial ruler – 12 links should be exactly 12″. Anything over and the chain is worn.

    If the wear is over 0.125″ the chain has had it and by the time its jumping on the gears so has the block and the chainring.

    Unfortunately then all these things will need replacing (I’d estimate around £35 in parts) and you probably would be up to half the price of the bike once you’ve costed the labour (if you do a DIY job you need a freewheel remover tool and these are about £10).

    Thats assuming it is a Shimano HG block and not a el cheapo Chinese freewheel which are absolute pigs to remove.

    I did use to ride my bikes until things started to fall apart (usually 2500-3000 miles) and then get the whole lot replaced at the bike shop with another cheap drivetrain but these days I tend to keep a closer watch on the state and quality of the components (especially since finding I have to do more DIY as not all bike shops work on ebikes and the ones what do take way too long to turn round repairs).