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    @Chrispydelic 483951 wrote:

    Right, I fucking HATE the current trend/fad for replacing the word “yum” with the nonsense word, dreamed up by advertisers to sell yoghurt “nom”.

    Also I hate it when people don’t know the difference between too and to or there, their and they’re. Or when they say stuff like “I’m going cimena”, with the correct sentence being “I am going to the cinema”. FFS it’s basic English people!

    And people who try to exit roundabouts from the inside lane, cutting me up bigtime while grinning inanely.

    And running out of drugs.

    My friend, you hit the nail on the head. I cannot stand people using those word incorrectly. It makes me want to point it out to them but then you think what’s the point. Also seeing people write they are ‘Board’ when it should be ‘bored, the list in endless.

    Also, running out of drugs sucks but then so does running out of beer after the drugs have run dry! :/