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    @d.r.e.a.m 382082 wrote:

    I no this is the rant thred that we can all moan about day tody shit but FUCK AM I GETING SO PISSED OFF WKITH LIFE!!!Sorry to depress anyone who gives a fuck….:hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless::hopeless:

    :group_hug If you need to talk about anything mate let me know. Gotta go to work now but I’ll be about later on. :love: