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    Well I just got off the phone with em and yep they want 86 pound fifty to repair it and it’ll be gone for 6 weeks. If it had the three red lights it would be free. I’m going to leave it on now for a while just in case the light comes on.

    If that don’t work then fuck it, I’m just gonna buy a new one. Can’t be dealing with all that bullshit, might get an elite seeing as they’re 180 quid now.

    Slightly pissed off as well cos I’ve been waiting for Red Dead Redemption to come out for ages and I won’t be able to play it now till I get a new console which won’t be until at least June.

    PS3 ain’t an option cos I don’t like em. Xboxs might break more but I prefer them all day long over the PS3s.

    Oh well, At least I ain’t got no distractions on my fitness trip now. How nice.