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    there is a much wider issue with regard to the combined effects of the war, economic depression and the environmental factors. the civil liberties of good times come secondary to this. Incidentally a UK State of Emergency does not ever remove the right to strike, nor introduce conscription or forced labour. Its imposition would be more of a symbolic gesture to make it clear to the British population that it is time to put aside all political differences and work together.[/quote]

    hmmm. i’m not convinced. maybe i’m thinking principles instead of pragmatism, but then i don’t often believe in an end justifying the means.

    the gang days have mostly gone but only because of CCTV, the surveillance society and “politically correct” cops and more ethnic minority officers. What you do however have since the 1990s is “lone wolfs” creating viable IEDs and in some cases detonating them. IED’s are of course difficult and dangerous to make, so much more common is low level criminal damage and intimidation against ethnic owned businesss. Its still not completely uncommon for a “Paki shop” to get its windows repeatedly bricked, and even burned out and closed down in places like North Norfolk / Cambs, and in Thetford a few years back there was an amateurish but determined attempt to blow up the Portugese.

    Yes there are less overt racists. There is a lot more silent and bitter hate than 20/30 years ago, as people know its no longer the done thing to be openly racist, but it doesn’t change their real views.

    yeah that is true, my extended family is from grimsby, and they have had a huge problem with racially motivated attacks against turkish businesses in particular. the reasons behind this imo though is that it is a working-class area that had its industry systematically destroyed throughout the tory era and community was shattered and left to internal violence.

    Not in SE England, although to be fair the real violence occurs amongst their own communities so if you are white or even if you are Asian and not of the combating religions you are left alone, and there are also gangs which aren’t strictly defined by religions.

    There is plenty happening amongst British Asian gangs to keep metpol and TVP busy, but a lot is just recorded as “normal crime/violence” rather than racially/religiously motivated stuff. Used to hear loads on the scanner in the 2000s, some of lads involved were at my high school. At least they kept it to “normal crime” and not al-quaeda stuff.

    of course, but i don’t think is a recent thing at all. ok so arguably there has been a rise in british asian organised crime and street gangs, but i’d say theres been a decrease in african carribean involvment. same racism, same economic struggle, different minority.

    not the fluffy idealistic young ladies or uni educated men but in the 90s a lot of the ones a few years older then me infiltrated the groups to step up the fighting and militancy. I saw this happen with my own eyes particulary on the Newbury protests and other high profile ones, some blamed it on a “conspiracy” but the reality was that they were muscling in on the associated drugs/party scene. Most of them eventually got nicked and sent down though and todays eco groups are slightly smarter because deep down they know the cops have the power in the end and are backed by the majority of the people when it comes down to stupid things like attacking active power stations.

    what seems strange on that front is that football casuals are mostly associated with the far-right. which is fairly incompatible with eco/animal rights stuff. obviously there is not a political conflict, but excuse my stereotype but i cant see any firm lads i’ve experienced having much sympathy for those sorts of campaigns.

    would it change your mind if say you accidentally parked up your car in a place where a riot sparked off and some muppets burned it out and used it as barricade? Insurance companies don’t always pay out in the event of riots (there’s a get out clause in a lot of policies)

    i don’t know really, i probably wouldnt blame the rioters. i still have a view that mostly tensions boiling over are a result of the governments failure rather than the people being antagonistic. im not sure whether to condone riots but i have a certain amount of sympathy if the inequality in your area is that extreme and you feel powerless. tensions rise, prevention is better than cure.

    they never were, but the people taking matters into their own hands made things worse. The met basically abandoned these areas to the local gangs (the same ones what did the bulk of the rioting) and things got worse. The other issue is that I don’t think society realises how fucking angry the men of my age group are becoming (its something I’ve noticed in recent violent crime reports and the profiles of the attackers).

    Now of course I don’t want to go and punch a Muslim or burn their business or start a riot as I have a good job, a house, a loving family and loads of real life friends and online community friends. there is absoutely no point in me doing stuff like that and spending my time in HMP and losing all the good stuff in life.

    But what about a man what has never had all these good things and is now approaching middle age, or someone who had them and lost them and maybe already done time and doesn’t care about going back in? Add this to the pissed off younger lads and maybe the real threat becomes apparent.

    i don’t think there is a large number of younger lads, i don’t know about middle aged people but from the young people i know or have known from all different backgrounds, i can’t say its a significant threat. i know nasty thuggish people who openly support the BNP but these are no different to the far-right hooligans of the past, and are probably in decline as more opportunities are being offered.