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General Lighting

    my knee feels slightly better but still hurts – and I had to open up the loft space earlier (after hearing a great commotion above my head) to release this..


    I can be doing without animal rescues in this state!

    At least she didn’t crap everywhere, nor shed feathers inside the house and flew out of a window, and until she made her appearance I was expecting anything from a fat rat to a squirrel or even a mustelid (weasel, pine marten etc) to drop through the loft hatch, which I would be then faced with the issue of finding a more appropriate home (as if I were to just let it go, it would probably climb back up into the roof space) – with some creatures they are protected – illegal to keep it permanently without a license but you have to look after it whilst its on your property!

    At some point I’ve got to work out how the bird got in there in the first place…