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    @kiwifruit 443218 wrote:

    i am pissed off.
    really pissed off.

    so pissed off I actually feel like crying and that is not me at all.

    I saved for a year and a half to come here basically to see my mate who i lived with for 2 years blah blah blah….

    and she has been getting wrecked (by herself pretty much) for the whole time and I have hardly seen her.

    She had a day off on thursday we had plans. But she didnt sleep and then slept all day so I did my own thing… now today was the only other day she had off work this weekend and yesterday we made plans to do shit and go out etc and its 4pm and she is coma’d out in her room as once again she stayed up all night (in her tiny room) doing shit and now is wrecked. I have not been doing a lot of stuff as I cant afford it and want to spend my money on stuff to take home with me.

    I just feel shit. She has like only 2 days off before I leave and going by the last couple of weeks I reckon we are not going to really hang out like we used to.
    I am worried about her as she is taking a lot of stuff, barely functioning, not eating or sleeping. I came over because she hates her job and is leaving to go back to nz so as she is my best mate I had to come and see her before she left.
    I know what it is like to be taking so much that you dont give a fuck and barely function from day to day… so for the first while I was understanding about it.. but fuck man.


    and worried.

    and pissed off.

    bah bah bah bah bah

    can you not stay up all night with her?