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    @Mezz 515720 wrote:

    Plap !?! I hate it when people keep making up new names for things that already have names…… you only need a new name for new inventions/creations/discoveries

    @NN~Gazatryptamine 515717 wrote:

    I need a ciggi, got a grinder full of plap that needs smoking…..

    @photographthesun 515718 wrote:

    plap being green? never herd that term before

    @p0ly 515727 wrote:

    plap or plapage… get with it you slackers…
    mezz your post makes no sense.. only new material objects deserve names…? some1 burn the cockney rhyming slang dictionary …………

    Well I just googled ‘Plap’ and apparently it means to Penis Slap someone, but it the context above it seems to refer to weed………….. if we all start using words that mean one thing to refer to another then conversations are going to get very tricky

    Urban Dictionary: plap
    @photographthesun 515721 wrote:

    In my mind you did a little Nazi salute after that speach. Not sure why.

    Not cool man, my Gramps was in the RAF and ended up PoW, he fought, suffered and saw a lot of his friend die for the freedoms we enjoy today.

    I do agree though my statement was to generalised, the creation of new words like Smeg, Feck, and Frack in TV shows to get around censorship does amuse me

    Also reminds me of a couple of lines from Short Circuit

    Howard Marner: Crosby, we’re going to have to ask you to surrender the robot.
    Newton Crosby: Stat?
    Howard Marner: Stat!
    Newton Crosby: What does that mean, anyway?
    Howard Marner: I don’t know. But that’s not the point.

    Skroeder: …and I’m going to need some Hueys.
    Howard Marner: Some what?
    Skroeder: HELICOPTERS, Howard. Jesus Christ!
    Howard Marner: I thought they were choppers.
    Skroeder: Well, now they’re called Hueys.
    Howard Marner: Well, why wasn’t I notified?