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You know when you need some drugs but for medicinal purposes… to help you chill out when you are stressed out and you just know that a nice spliff will make you calm and hopefully put a few things in perspective.
I am like that now.

I would cut off my right nipple for a largish one right now.
Of course where I live while I am sure it is about I have no idea about how to get any. And anyway, this town is too small and any partaking would have to be super secret or I would lose my job 🙁


Man I wish I was back in London I can tell you.

Reason for my stressedoutedness is I failed my latest written swedish test. Now I need to pass these and eventually pass the highest one to keep my job. So its not a case of take your time and do it because you want to get better. I literally will lose my job if I have
not passed the highest test next year. (I am dong the course at the level below the final FINAL step right now)

I am feeling weepy and down and then have waves of panic and intense stress. I have my course end of course exam in week 3 of 2012 and also the national exam the same week. I am pretty sure I am not going to pass. I am afraid to ask what will happen if I don’t pass… I don’t know if I will even be allowed to stay on the course, or if they make you re do it. And I HAVE been working so hard on it.
I am one of those people who it just doesn’t come naturally to.

So anyone who is smoking some weed tonight. Have a big draw for me and send me a virtual stoney peace and love puff.

Fucking Swedish. I mean- only bloody 9 million people speak it for crying out loud.
This sheep is me.