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    @Tank Girl 413775 wrote:


    was an unhappy tankette – I’d downloaded – or uploaded ? :you_crazy

    some 16 files – one the most important one as I need to hand it in for another assignment – and it got lost in the puter…. and 9 were totally lost in the nether region of this bloody laptop

    I finally found 9 and it wouldnt open any of them…

    tried getting summat of tinternet to open it – apparently (so I’ve found out today) its useless spyware?

    anyway – me IT security matey – who is the dogs bollox on puters – came over tonight and not only found the other 9 lost files, but turned em in to WAV files and helped mucho mucho

    so am now a happy tankette :bounce_fl:bounce_fl

    ****phew**** as other wise I’d have had nothing to hand in!!!

    just half of it to finish and me 2000 word one to complete for jan…

    til the next one in feb :laugh_at:

    Tis always good to have pro friends at stuff raaa