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    awwh guys :’) i feel so luuurved.
    basically.. i chose to do chem, biology and physics + psychology at college.
    annnndd.. recently, i just decided that i can’t do it (cos i really can’t).
    i love art and i want to write and paint and draw and take photographs of stuff. sometimes i get up at 3am to paint, i feel like it’s what i’m meant to do. but i’m 1/2 the way through my first year and my dad will go nuts (cos he’s spent a couple of hundred on a SEXY chemistry tutor to help me out) and i can’t just quit and take up what i want to do.. i don’t really know what i can do about it. arrghhhhh. i’m stuck in a big sticky stickiness.

    and it’s stupid that they make us make these choices at 15/16. i’ve shut off every option except science now and i regret it so much.

    EDIT: ohhh.. and i know i change my mind alot though. hmmm. actually fml.