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    Hi Poly ,
    You’ll pass the next time my friend im sure , its shit but some of does depend on the day . When i learnt to drive my co driver was better than me way better ( co driver as in two pupils one instructor ….thats how we roll in the military lol ) . He kept failing his test although a better driver , although he passed with flying colours when he did . Now me i wasn’t as good but my unit wanted me back so before iwas ready of i went on test .

    First test was brake test ( emergency stop ) but i was at this point in hgv2 ….fuck . I stopped like i hit a brick wall …..but the examiner ( who at the time wasnt wearing a seat belt as the law was then in hgv ) didnt . Anyway after hitting the windscreen then going in a heep in the foot well !!!!! got up and sighed and ticked loads of shit on his clip board …….dont worry about that clip board they only really take it to look official lol . so at this point i thought fuck it ive failed so lets just get it over with . Fuck me ….everything went right and i passed . He even said nice emergency stop , even though his face inprint was still on the wind screen lol .

    My mate co driver who was far better than me passed days later , it does happen Poly , makes you no less of a driver . However i have a monkey on you passing next test Poly 🙂 … will . Just relax and if you stall hand brake , neutral , start engine and when safe to do so after checking both mirrors and blind spots move off . :-)….goooo booyy lol .