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Hi GiantMidget ,
Yep know how you feel i get them as well ….headache behind the eyes and aches around the nose !!!! . Only just started getting it again and i think it might be hay fever starting it all of again . This morning wasnt a good morning for Mungo !!!! , felt like i’d been punched in the nose !!! . Although feel better now , think i might go doc’s myself as i dont need this again . Last time was in my teens and it was bad !!!!! . Not had a head ache or sinus for a while , i’d like to keep it that way .

Hope you feel better mate 🙂


Ain’t the one are they. I got severe pain in my left cheek atm, it spreads under my eye and towards my ear. The pain is actually unbearable at the moment. Gonna have to ride it out though I suppose. Cheers though fella, Hopefully it doesn’t last long!