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@boothy 341959 wrote:

hmmm bit harsh mate, i think it’s the management to blame rather than the workers, these days unions tend not to strike so easily and they recognise the inconvenience it causes us, thats why they do it as a last resort when talks break down

imo we need unions, otherwise we might as well throw it all to the money-grabbers and watch workers rights fly out the window

I’m not bothered by their plight tbh. I worked for Royal Mail a few years back and know how they operate. Them striking fucks up my routine and fucks up the country so imo they can do one. If you saw what went on there you wouldn’t be defending them.

Most of the management are corrupt as are the unions. Seen it first hand mate, They’re all as bad as each other, they don’t care about us, well they didn’t when i worked there. Worked in four different depots and they were all the same. I say again. Tossers.


Btw got my toothbrush. YAY!