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    @TheLostOne 367806 wrote:

    Islam4UK are a bunch of mind twisted cunts. If anybody on here think they have a right to protest in this small market town, then they need to get there liberal, ball chopped off and ramed down there throat.

    They are not mourning the dead muslims killed in the war, they are sympathizing with the Taliban etc. This country needs to grow some balls back. You can believe what you want in this country, they are not. They are hell bent on making this country a muslim one. I have nothing against Muslims, but I do have something against cunts, and cunts who laugh in the face of our country.
    It is very close to where I live, if it does take place, hammers will be drawn, fucking cunts.

    Yeah, that’ll help loads! /sarcasm

    The best way is to ignore it. Mass media attention and outrage is exactly what these fools want.

    As for them and the BNP, they are both as bad as each other. They both want to aggravate racial and religious tensions. I bet the BNP are jumping for joy at Islam4UKs plans – they will gain support from it.