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Tank Girl

    @General Lighting 442178 wrote:

    Thats also why I started meowing, it was to drive out a Siamese tomcat what was bullying mine (the “witte kat”). I waited in the corridor instead of my cat (crouched on all fours like a giant cat) and when the Siamese came I rushed out (still on all fours) and caterwauled it out of the garden and down the street. And every time I saw it again I gave it a long warning meow.

    it stopped visiting the garden and hassling my cat soon after that and every time it saw me it would do a runner.

    I do the ‘hissing’ sound but will try that GL!
    I’ve had all my fence’s done and boarded up the holes of my neighbours and contacted the council to request it be replaced – but unfortunatley the cat flap is on the side (alley way) and it seems the big tom waits for him there – so I’m gonna have to be more vigillant

    (it doesnt help that its microchip one – as it takes a little while to recognise the micro chip and if fighting (or getting the shit kicked out of him) its hard for him to get in – but we thought it’d be better than other cats coming in to his home (as my friend has a tom bully cat do this and eat her cats food ))