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Tank Girl

    In tears after watching the panornama program on winterbourne care home

    where the clients were not at all being cared for but tortured, abused and humiliated

    I completely understand L.D clients are fucking hard work (been there, done it) but if you dont have empathy, care, compassion, patience and love – you need to fuck off and work at tescos. what an evil bunch of sad, dehumanised, psycho’s,

    and how it was only one!!!! member of staff who reported it is beyond belief – or is it because this sort of work attracts some evil incompetent fuckers who want to work with the vulnerable so they feel a sense of power and control over others as they are so weak they can not find it in any other area of their lives I dont know…. 😥

    I only hope that if I were to ever see anything like that and not get an immediate answer from the bosses I would go straight to the police, fuck my own job, hoping this would never be the case but I would hope so

    I must say we have been so lucky with the carers of my aunt who have been wonderful despite her illness and everything it entails – she’s in her new nursing home and also so far so good