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    Hi All , Yep Daftfader im with you when it comes to banks , its cos of these idiots that the country is in a recession that and mortgage lenders . i wouldnt mind but tax payers money was used to bale out these useless bunch of wankers and still they insist on screwing you if you go slightly over your overdraft . I wanted to extend my overdraft or extend my loan by £500 as my head gasket went on my car . They said no …….but said the min amount of money they could give me was £2000 . So as i need the car for work i had to bite the bullet , those bastards are only after one thing …get you in debt and make you pay a shed load of interest back . And thats why we are in reccession as they got too greedy and debts just didnt get paided …..but we stil baled them out …WANKERS

    Death to Bankers , Mortgage lenders !!!!!