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@Tank Girl 523076 wrote:

Too much to put on here, just put it this way,

I applied for and got a job in the community within a public service, doing a specific job
and I am working within a national private corporation with in a unit, not doing what I applied for

(my job doesnt exist but will in April – so we’ve all been moved)

totally disorganised (no working printer, no access to computer log in (so everytime I need to write notes, which is several times a day) I have to ask to be logged on to someone elses, when there are about 10 (busy) staff to 3 computers, rooms locked and no keys, no clipboards, no board markers, and at times no room etc)
most of the staff nice though…

but its getting me down

This is only a temporary bad patch, don’t get upset about it, things will soon change and you will be happy as you should be..