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Ever since a guy from Greece moved in a month ago i havent been able to watch docos on bbciplayer and use any other movie or program streaming sites, it buffers and times out or it buffers non stop every 3 seconds no exaggeration there… He’s always skypeing (i assume it’s skype) so every evening when i get home from work i’m bored shitless i hear him shouting laughing and chatting for hours up until about midnight when i finally give up on waiting ‘my turn’ for some bandwidth and fall asleep. I’m going f*cking mad! There’s no other way to get a giggle without being able to watch some comedy, i’m really losing my rag here and don’t understand why the router thinks he is more important than me? I thought bandwidth was supposed to be equally shared! What can i do to get some more bandwidth pls? (I don’t have access to get inside the router)