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    big hair wrote:
    That said, whatever happened to all that You tube footage on the ob kicking at the “riot” in Essex,

    probably taken down by the people who put it there, as on previous occasions the cops have used the footage against the ravers, claiming it also shows violence against the police or they use it to identify people they wish to arrest

    After a similar incident in Suffolk in 2006, cops even got a Court Order on youtube to obtain the personal details of the video subimitter (they handed over these details without a murmur) and managed to visit home addresses and seize peoples cameras and tape. The current practice of youth gangs putting up crime and anti-social behaviour on there hasn’t helped matters, as its easier for authorities to spin this “big brother” tactic against people.

    Citizen journalism doesn’t actually hold up as well as many idealists thought it would when the “Web 2.0” portals are still run by corporates who act as “good corporate citizens” (i.e hand over whatever they are asked for) to preserve their investments and profits when the Governments play hardball.

    TBH if people have such videos I expect they would be better off showing them to someone like a solicitor – or one of the few remaining trustworthy mainstream journalists who could help fight their case than putting stuff on Youtube

    The wider problem IMO is ravers have lost so much public sympathy in recent years (even compared to people like climate change protestors)

    and how come they’ve got away with giving someone another ASBO..?

    because his crew left shitloads of rubbish behind at a party held in a nature reserve earlier in the season and was already known for parties in a different region. Actually they haven’t “got away” with the second ASBO as the matey is contesting it saying (rightly) it is unacceptable to scapegoat an individual when there are a lot of party crews around.

    Unfortunately though its not the late 90s any more when ravers were overlooked by the rest of society in all the dot-com/cool Britannia euphoria, they are now being held up to scrutiny and judgment by wider society and not coping very well..