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    globalloon wrote:
    oh dear what?

    paedophilia is no different to hetro or homo sexuality (in the majority of cases)

    except that the recipients are vulnerable children, who need protecting

    the best way to do this IMO is to protect paedophiles from themselves, by locking them away

    but treating them as monsters doesn’t make society a safer place, it drives others further underground

    some level of acceptance of the reality of this ‘orientation’ may even help those who have this orientation to come forward for help before they become a danger to children

    Sorry Globaloon, that post wasn’t directed at you (I agree with what you say), but at this petition and the people who have signed it. Read the petition, and it contains not a single fact or shred of evidence to support ‘Sarah’s law’ in itself. It’s just a scaremongering list of dubious ‘statistics’ and spurious links, designed to invoke the typical, emotive ‘paedophiles are bad’ response. I don’t think this law is a good idea. Does anyone remember the protests outside paedophile’s houses in Portsmouth/Southmpton (or somewhere round there) sometime a few years ago? I personally don’t think that society as a whole (or certain elements of it) is responsible enough to deal with the information that this law makes available. And as Globaloon states, it will just drive these people further underground. This campaign is typical of the mass tabloid hysteria and sensationalism surrounding this issue at the moment. If you were to believe what you read, you’d think that there was a paedophile on every street corner in the country. This simply isn’t true, and is counter-productive. I work with a guy who’s wife won’t even let her 4 year old daughter into their own high-fenced, locked-gated garden to play. What sort of life is that child going to have as it grows up with that level of ‘protection’? And how do you think those parents would react if they actually knew for a fact there was a sex-offender living round the corner? The solution lies in proper monitoring by the authorites. I personaly don’t agree with making this kind of information available to the type of people that think it’s a good idea to firebomb local mosques after Islam related terror attacks. I apologise for the lack of paragraphs, but I’m using a proxy server from work which doesn’t seem to recognise them.