Forums Music Speaker Plans Plans for my PERSONAL rig, any thoughs? Re: Plans for my PERSONAL rig, any thoughs?


    You don’t actually need the crossover (all the boxes you’re looking at have passives, and to put an active in would ideally require you to re-wire and bypass the passives)…

    Pretty good for £2K though – don’t forget that at that power, you will need to run it off at least 2 seperate ring mains in your house (assuming you are in the UK and have standard 13amp domestic supply). As a relatively simple calculation for your requirements, take the KW rating of all amps added together, and multiply by 4 (so your prog rating of 6K needs about 24amps of power).

    Like the look of those Turbo boxes though – gonna be building something similar for our rig this winter (having discovered my bass drivers are in the process of kicking their way out of their current boxes – if I’m building boxes, I decided I’m gonna be doubling up too….raaa)