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MrAHC wrote:
Wont realy need 2 seperate mains at the mo coz our rig is only at the 2-3 k mark at the min. Still wondering if u can help. Got this 5kva honda generator and it has 2 230v hook ups does this count as 2 ring mains?

it would be two radial circuits (a circuit straight from the power source to the equipment), at 2.5kva each which is about 10amp from each circuit. If you balance the load across both of these outlets everything should work,

The principle behind a ring main is more suited to fixed wiring and thus normally only found in houses, they were something invented in the UK to save copper after World War II (as half the size of cable can be used

As for suffolkravas, he is using all this kit in America where they normally have 110V power but some areas of a house have 220V which is taken across two phases (for big appliances), or larger houses have 3 phase.

If he has access to the sort of space I believe is called a “den” across the pond I would suggest he sets up there and gets a proper electrician to check the power feed out.

Although the rig is way more than most “normal” houses use, lots of Americans have workshops and loads of computers / electronics /studio kit in their den so its not uncommon to provide big power feeds to this part of a house..