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DJCliffy wrote:
Ages ago i found a wallet containing 120pounds in cash and several credit cards. I took the money and put the wallet in a post box. I’m not proud of this but i did get battered that night. Karma took over and i was run over the next day (Probably by the owner of the wallet) The last bit didn’t happen btw!

i can’t help but find that funny … it’s bad and you should go to hell for it .. but lol any way ….

i used to know this guy called “dog shit dan” … and he found some dudes wallet in the pub … took it home and did the same thing .. took all the cash out of it … alltho .. being a massive cunt he phoned the guy whos wallet it was up .. (his number was in his wallet) .. and told the guy that he had his wallet … the guy came round to pick it up .. and dan handed him an empty wallet … the guy was like .. there was alot of cash in that … and dan went .. yeah i know …

… what a cunt lol …guys massive as well so the poor dude who lost his wallet didn’t say shit .. just walked off with his tail between his legs 🙁 …