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    General Lighting;221114 wrote:
    its a bit of a russian roulette thing..



    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (where these arrows end is the halfway point)

    L = Live, at 230 volts AC
    N = 0 volts (neutral, connected to earth at the substation or your house)

    this is a representation of what is inside a toaster.

    At L the live mains terminal the heating element is at 230 volts.

    At N it is as 0 volts (neutral). Along the heating element the voltage varies due to the increasing resistance of the length of wire (which makes it hot). Halfway along the element will be 115 volts.

    Now the element is coiled up on a heatproof frame in most toasters. Depending which part of the element you contact with a damp spliff, and how far along the circuit this is you will either not notice it or maybe get the full 230 volts.

    I would not advise testing this out by further practical experiments :laugh_at:

    Meh well there you go folks!

    Don’t be trying this, trust me its not fun :crazy_diz