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    i’ve been mugged 8 times all together (including attempts) and while it has scetched me out for a while after the event, it also is kind of a releif. in our society, i expect to be mugged (and always have) especially wandering around with jesus hair in a kaftan (as i do occasionally) i look like the sort of bloke who’d turn their cheek, and i am. so i look like a victim basically. if you want to read some proper dark shit, check out:

    i’m not a big fan of religion, but buddhism seems the nearest to good i can see. and their reaction to the chinese invasion (which is now complete, tibet no longer exists) is a beacon of light to me. they would not fight their agressors, not because they didn’t think they could manage it (which they couldnt) or for any reason other than they dont beleive in violence, and do beleive in karma. they recon that the cycles of life will repay the tibeteans and get back at the chinese, if that is what is meant to be. they just went on a mission to say to loads of other countries “look at what is happening to us”. you can say they failed, but i think they have won. they may have been slaugtered, but not as much as if they’d gone to war. they still have their integrity. they have not been broken.

    bit random, i know, but it applies. when i get mugged, i’m just glad that i am some one with enough to steal, and not someone who is forced to steal due to poverty or addiction. i think they have a worse life than me, and truly beleive that what they need are oppotunity and rehabilitation, not punishment. if we had capital punishment i’d move or become militant. society is defined by its laws. i feel ill at ease with 80% of imprisonments, and the structure of the ob is bad enough, without descending furthur into a more self destructive and counterproductive mode of living.

    bottom line: property and money doesnt mean shit. life and freedom does.

    rant over.