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    i think a distinction has to be made between threatening someone to get their cash, and actually hurting them. if someone intimidates me well enough and i have some small cash (under £20) or a phone, i’ll quite happily give it up. means nothing to me. but if someone physically abuses me, thats assault, and a different matter. no one should have to cope with that.

    for me the only reason for incarcerating someone is if you cannot realisically have them in your society. i think this is only applicable for murder, rape, gbh, and repeat offenders of assault, etc.

    we are all part of society, and one of the reasons people are like that is because society doesn’t work too wel, and is horrifically bias to the rich. in a way, i see being robbed or burgled as a wanker tax, for not doing my bit to prevent these people having to resort to extreme measures.

    yes, there are some people who arent that interested in cash and are psychpathic, that is they just want to cause other people pain. but it is a mental condition which arises from a cetain life. to let people get to such a deluded and sorry state, and then lock them up when they act accordingly seems perverse at least, to me.

    as for the crews who frequent london parties, there just needs to be more organisation by the crews to expect and deal with trouble. another problem is the london mentality, of not giving a fucking shit about anyone else but yourself, a total lack of solidarity to your fellow man. mugging happen in parties because people let them. in our parties, everyone knows whos side theyre on, and looks out for one another. there is unity and respect. that is missing from cities, and it is the fault of our rullers and our media. and all the little “its not my problem crew” who should all be rounded up and subjected to every horror they have turned a blind eye to.